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Campus Cutie: Dan Pahl

Name: Dan Pahl

Hometown: Cheshire, CT


Year and College: 2014 CC
Major: Biology and Dance
Relationship Status: Single 
On campus activities: Columbia Ballet Collaborative, Orchesis, Undergraduate Researcher
Favorite Quote: “Dance, Dance. Otherwise we are lost.” -Pina Bausch
Celebrity Crush: Beyoncé…WHAT is there not to love?
Ideal first date in less than 30 words: Something involving food and adventure, like a scuba diving dinner date. Is that possible?
Favorite spot in NYC: My cozy room. 
The last song you listened to on your ipod: Probably something embarassing like “Brokenhearted” or “Live While We’re Young”
Biggest Turn Off: Loud gum chewing (just cringed thinking about it)
Biggest Turn On: An awesome sense of humor 
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