Campus Celebrity: Trevor Bell, Leaving a Legacy at Columbia

Name: Trevor Bell

Year: Senior 2016

School: Columbia College

Major: History

Hometown: Beaumont, TX

Summer plans? Pursuing a career in the NFL

What are you involved with on and off campus? 

Mostly training and working with Legacy Events. A large portion of my day is training for football with Toba or Chad. We are usually working out downtown at Chelsea Piers or up at Baker Field.  I am also heavily involved with the Legacy Events team and its development.

How did you get into event hosting?

To be honest, it all started when I learned to DJ from my father in the 7th grade. I remember watching him at different events and standing next to him pretending I was the man. Lol. Fortunately for me, I annoyed him enough into actually teaching me how to DJ and eventually I started helping him out. From there, I started doing a few small events by myself, and then it seemed to snowball. I started doing middle school dances and birthdays and this slowly evolving to bigger events. It was at really here when I realized that I had passion for entertainment and events. After getting to Columbia I kept DJing, but on a much smaller scale.  However, I was given the great opportunity to work a few internships within events/ event planning and promoting. From here, I was blessed to have some great mentors, Columbia Alumni, and friends to help me in the building of Legacy Events.

Why did you decide to start Legacy Events?

Well, it began with the goal of providing a better party and social environment for the Columbia University community. As success started to come, we wanted to expand our reach beyond the college community. Now we pride ourselves on curating great, safe, and fun social spaces while creating a new Legacy in events and entertainment.

Do you have a favorite event you've hosted?

The Bacchanal #RooftopChronicles After-Party at Bar 13, we had a great turnout.

What's the most important tip for being a successful host? What should a host never do?

Simply, it’s just to have fun. If you’re not having fun at your own events you can’t expect anybody else to either. The number one thing a successful host should never do is lie. If you promise something to the crowd, you have to deliver and be transparent if any issues occur.

Where do you see Legacy Events in a couple years?

I envision Legacy Events growing rapidly in the NYC area as well as branching out to other major cities such as Los Angeles very soon. I expect it to establish itself as a leading events group in the industry.  

Have any big events planned for the end of the school year?

We definitely do, two major ones actually. On Saturday, April 23rd we are having “MVP’s Birthday Banger” at Hudson Terrace, including an OPEN BAR, and another one on Saturday, May 14th at the Highline Ballroom. More info will come out soon but it will be a Senior Ball After-Party open to anyone of age who wants to party with Columbia/Barnard seniors one last time before graduation that takes place a couple days later. Check out our page to stay updated,