Campus Celebrity: Our New EIC

Graduation is here and, while it's full of joyous farewells, we also welcome a new class to the forefront. HCB says goodbye to our EICs Najet and Sarah as they graduate today, but is also excited to announce our new EIC and this week's Campus Celeb! 

Major: Art History (major), Spanish (concentration)

Hometown: New York, NY

Summer plans?Working two jobs in the city!

Congrats on getting EIC! How did you first get involved with Her Campus?!Thank you! I'd read HCB all through my first year at CU, but decided to apply to be this year's Style/Snapshot editor after seeing former EIC Sarah Fels post a status about it on Facebook last spring.

What's been your favorite part of being a part of the HCB team?

I love reading, editing, and producing style-related content, but I've also really enjoyed meeting people through HCB!

Favorite article you've written?

I love the Style Snapshots I did on Najet and Sarah - always great to pick their brains on fashion. 

What do you love to write about most?

 Style snapshots!

Best writing advice you've ever gotten?

Be ruthless in cutting anything unnecessary out of your writing. 

What are you future plans for HCB?

HCB puts out so much great content every week; I want to increase our visibility on both sides of Broadway and expand our readership.

What will you miss most of our departing EICs Najet and Sarah?

Beyond being understanding and committed EICs (and leaving me very big shoes to fill!), they are wonderful friends. I'm very lucky that they're not going far!