Campus Celebrity: Marquita Amoah

Name: Marquita Amoah

Year: 2016

School: Barnard College

Major: English

Hometown: New York City

Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white for Valentine's Day?

Milk chocolate for sure. Is white chocolate even chocolate? 

What are you involved with on campus?

I am a tour guide/student representative for Barnard. I serve on the executive board of the Black Students Organization as senior chair. That means I plan one of the multicultural graduations, specifically Black Graduation. Additionally, I am a part of the African Diaspora Literary Society.

You’re also an incredible writer with an amazing blog! What inspired you to write your blog? Why did you decide to focus it on the men in your life?

I have loved writing since I was young. It's my favorite way to showcase myself. My blog was the perfect place to display my art. I focused on men because I often focus on women or myself in my writing, so I wanted to display how much they affect my life. And that they can represent the beauty in life as well. 

Will you continue to write on your blog? If so, do you have any topics in mind?

Yes, I will continue to write on my blog. I don’t know what the next topic will be. I usually write a lot of things in between posts and then decide what I like most.  The other day I wrote a unique love letter, so maybe that will make an appearance.

And…Valentine's Day plans?

Hanging out with my family and friends! But I welcome secret admirers...

What's the best love advice you have ever received?

Someone once told me that vulnerability is the key to falling in love. Once you allow yourself to be vulnerable, love will always follow.

Any ideas on what you want to do after graduation?

After graduation, I want to work in some form of media (websites or print). I also really like the world of beauty, so exploring that realm is a possibility. I am open to what the world has to offer.

Finally, what's on your spring bucket list?

Seeing Fetty Wap perform at Bacchanal. That would be the best way to end my time here!

If you haven't already, check out Marquita's blog here