Best Places to Go Ice Skating in New York and New Jersey

It is more difficult to find an outdoor excursion during the wintertime because of the cold. There are not many that come to mind. But I want to talk to you about my favorite weekend activity that is exclusively available in the wintertime: ice skating. Ice skating can be done indoors or outdoors. You don’t get cold because you are constantly moving and skating around. And after a fun day of ice skating, you can return home and drink a cup of hot cocoa. It’s the perfect winter activity! There are a number of places around New York and New Jersey that are perfect for ice skating. I’m no professional ice skater, but I do make many trips to ice skating rinks in the winter, and I want to share my opinions on the several ice skating rinks I’ve visited in New York and New Jersey.

  1. This was the most recent ice skating rink I’ve visited, which has reminded me of how much I love it. The ice skating rink has two spaces: one with a roof above it, the other exposed outdoors, and you can move from one space to the other very easily. I love that I can skate from one to the other to my heart’s content. A sunny day is a perfect day to skate here. This rink is very spacious, so there is plenty of room to skate around with friends. I’d say the prices here are great for the experience. The one thing LeFrak is missing is the New York scenery. It is located within Prospect Park, so you mostly see the park. 

  2. Bryant Park is probably the most wonderful place to skate. The Bryant Park Christmas Tree is located right in front of the rink so when you ice skate you are surrounded by the tall buildings in the heart of New York. You are surrounded by the city while ice skating. The city really takes your breath away. Although the Bryant Park Rink is beautiful, it is really small compared to LeFrak, Secaucus, or Wollman (see descriptions below). The price depends on whether you have your own ice skates. If you do, it’s free! If you don’t, you need to pay twenty-one dollars, or more depending on the day. I recommend getting ice skates if you are living in New York or New Jersey because it saves you money. I’ve been going to this rink the longest and it holds a special place in my heart. 

  3. Secaucus is located in New Jersey (for all you New Yorkers), but if one day you find yourself near the area, I’d recommend visiting this rink. This rink is located indoors, but it is very spacious. Since it is indoors, it lacks the scenery, but there is not much scenery in Secaucus, so that makes sense. If ever you see that your skates’ laces are coming untied, there are areas at the side of the rink where skaters can step into and sit (apart from the general public). You can rest, take some pictures, and as soon as you are ready, you can get back on the ice. Here comes the best part: the price. It’s five dollars for entrance and renting skates. If you have your own skates, it's only three dollars! I can visit this rink eight times for roughly the same price as one trip to Wollman (see below). I have yet to find an ice skating rink that will beat that price. Honestly, this place is a fantastic place to skate and it is kind on your wallet, I recommend it. 

  4. I went to this rink a few years ago, but I am planning to go back soon because it was wonderful. This rink has a lot of space and is outdoors. Because it is in the middle of Central Park, you get a view of the park and the surrounding New York buildings. You truly feel like you are a New Yorker when skating here. When you are done skating, you can stroll through Central Park and then get a hot chocolate or coffee. The prices at Wollman are more expensive than LeFrak, but you have wonderful surroundings and you get the experience of saying you’ve ice skated in Central Park.

  5. The first time I visited this rink, it was before the stores in the mall opened (in other words before American Dream became American Dream). The prices have risen since, now up to thirty-one dollars, which is much more expensive than other rinks. This rink is also on the smaller side, unfortunately. I can say that it is a very fun rink to skate in, even if you do so only once in the winter. There are fun lights and music, and you are literally skating in American Dream! American Dream literally has everything. And when you are done, you can go shopping or sightseeing in the mall, which is very grand. 

  6. This was actually the first ice skating rink I went to in my entire life. It is very beautiful and you have a good view of New York and the tall buildings in Jersey City. It is on the smaller side, but it does not feel that way. I remember skating here for hours and hours until my feet hurt. Newport comes in second to Secaucus for good prices — eight dollars for entrance and seven dollars for skates. I loved skating here, so if you find yourself in Jersey City with nothing to do, head to this ice skating rink!


If you’ve never ice skated before, here is your sign to start! It is a fun winter activity for people of all ages and it’s the perfect way to spend your weekend. I hope this article proved useful and that you start planning your weekend ice skating trip! Have fun!