The Best Diana Cafe Smoothie Combos


The one thing I know makes me feel better when I am stressed is a Diana smoothie. The Diana Center Café sells smoothies for dinner and late night Sunday-Thursday. During these next two weeks, I know I’ll be making more than a few stops at Diana to make my way through finals. You should too!


Some suggested combinations:

With soy milk:

Pineapple + Peaches + Mango + Soy Milk

Blueberries + Peaches + Bananas + Soy Milk

Mango + Peaches + Banana + Yogurt + Kale + Soy Milk


With juice:

Mango + Banana + Raspberries + Cranberry Juice


With coconut milk:

Blueberries + Raspberries + Strawberries + Coconut Milk

Strawberries + Bananas + Yogurt + Coconut Milk

Peaches + Raspberries + Mango + Coconut Milk


With water:

Pineapple + Banana + Kale + Water


Customize your own smoothie and find your favorite combo!