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The Best of Columbia in the Spring

With our recent warm, sixty degree days, spring is on the mind of every Columbia student. We wish for spring break, the end of midterms, and relief from New York City’s harsh winter chill. Even if winter is your favorite season, you have to admit, the first day you’re able to walk to Hamilton without your coat, it’s a joyous moment. Here’s what I love about springtime on Columbia’s campus (beside the break from Canada Goose jackets).

Low Steps

Once the sun is out, Low Beach becomes the social hub of Columbia. Pick a step and sit, sing, study, sunbathe, or all four. Spending time outside with friends and people watching are two of my favorite activities. You’ll feel iconic and these spring moments will go down as classic college memories.

The Lawn

Yes, the Columbia lawns will eventually be uncovered and open to students! Feel the grass in your toes while you can, as who knows when they’ll mysteriously close next. Grab a frisbee and practice what seems to be the only sport we’re good at.

The Flowers

Bringing an extra pop of color to campus are the soon to be blosomming trees and flowers. There’s nothing like walking past the math bulding, petals at your feet.

Surf & Turf

Use your meal swipe to its fullest extent at Columbia’s Surf and Turf. Fill up your plate (or frisbee, like last year) under the white outdoor tents and plop down on the lawn to enjoy steak, lobster, veggies, dessert, and pints of icecream. What meal could be better?


No matter who the performer is, or how the restrictive crowd control pens are arranged, Columbians and Barnumbians alike always have a good time dancing to the music.


Spring will be here before you know it!


Sydney Hotz

Columbia Barnard

Sydney is in love with New York City, dogspotting, and chorizo tacos. She's an aspiring novelist, a Barnard feminist, and might deny she was born in New Jersey.
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