The Best of Barack and Michelle

On October 3rd, the world’s heart was full as Michelle and Barack Obama celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. From their first movie date (Spike Jones’s Let’s Do the Right Thing) to their days in the White House fighting for everything from better healthcare and inspiring students to get active, the Obamas have been the definition of relationship #goals since day one. In celebration of the day the Obamas became the Obamas, and for those of us (all of us) who miss the former First Couple, here are some of the top Barack and Michelle moments: 

1. From Michelle’s twitter, the photo from their wedding day and heartfelt message she shared on their anniversary: 

2. This adorable photo of Michelle and Barack heading to the inaugural ball in style:

3. How many couples do you know have a rock commemorating their first kiss? (Shook!): 

4. Michelle fixing Barack’s tie at the State Dinner in 2015, just before meeting with President Xi Jinping of China:

5. Name a more iconic post-Presidential Nomination fist pump, we’ll wait:

6.  Who could forget all of the looks they served? Here are Barack and Michelle wowing the crowd in style at the 2013 Inaugural Ball:

I mean, can you believe they invented love?!