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Now that we’ve guided you to the perfect bacchanal outfit and the cutest hairdo to match, it’s time to spice up your beauty look for the one day where Columbia gets to pretend to be a state school. You may not have been able to make it cross country to Coachella (a.k.a the land of beach waves, denim cutoffs, and celebrities mingling with us regular folk…oh yeah the music is pretty good too), but your Bacchanal look can be Coachella-ready with these easy tools. 


Keep it light, Columbia. Keep it classy. It will hopefully be warm and sunny and no one wants smudged mascara as they dance at the Red Bull truck. Double check that your mascara is waterproof, and swap heavy foundations or powders for suncreen (an absolute must), a light BB cream  like this one by Maybelline, some blush and bronzer, like this Nars compact, and a highlighter for your cheek bones and brow bones to give you that California vibe. If you keep your makeup look clean, natural and simple it will last you all day so you won’t have to run into Lerner to do a mirror check and miss the one or two Lupe Fiasco songs you actually know. 


Our hairstyle guide has given you tons of options for festival locks, but here are two must-haves to make the look golden. A curling wand will allow you to have those flowy pieces that we so admire in celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens and Kate Bosworth. It’s relatively easy to use and will transform your hair to red-carpet ready. If you have bangs or longer pieces that you want to keep out of your face, the best way is with a bohemian (um…floral!) headband. The accessory will look very Woodstock and will keep your mane in check while adding a hint of style


Go all out ladies. That means neon. Self-explanatory. Make Lauren Conrad proud. 

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