Au Revoir Ivy League Snap Story

We all got to know and love the Ivy League Snap Story these past couple of weeks. I’ll be honest it really gave me some much needed giggles during late nights of studying. Actively missing it these past few dark days since its dissapearance, I have one question on my mind: where did it go? Is it gone forever? Is it just gone for Thanksgiving? That I don’t know, but here’s a review of some of the things we learned while it graced us with its presence:



1. As with all things Ivy League, the story was #exclusive and only people currently on an Ivy League campus had access to see it. Explaining the Ivy League Snap Story to friends who do not attend an Ivy League institution was difficult.


2. Getting on the Snap Story had a lower acceptance rate than the schools we attend.


3. We all multitask. Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it doesn’t.


4. Cornell has a clock tower.


5. Hotline Bling and Sorry happened.


6. Some people can actually sing, and some people can’t.


7. Some people can actually rap, and some people really can’t.


8. People complaining about midterms will always be annoying.


9. It was trendy to use the snap story to say hi to a brother/sister/boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend from high school/cousin/random cute kid in class/childhood neighbor’s best friend’s cousin.


10. Some schools care a little more about their sports teams.


In conclusion, it was pretty cool how relatable a lot of the snaps were. Also it was so fun to see friends or events that you recognize from Barnard/Columbia on the story (shoot-out to #MagnoliaOnTheMove2k15).


So, Ivy League Snap Story…can you come back please? I need a formal date and want to ask a random cute boy with pretty eyes from ________ Ivy League school to come with me.