Alternatives to Going Out This Halloween

Happy October! As we all know, we love October for one reason — Halloween! Normally, it’s a fun holiday built up for weeks by visiting apple orchards, carving pumpkins, going to haunted houses, and finding our way out of corn mazes. Then, come Halloween night, we put on our carefully crafted costumes and head out for a fun night with friends. Unfortunately, we can’t do that this year. So, I thought of some other fun ideas!

  1. 1. Bake a new treat!

    Though I no longer go trick-or-treating, that doesn’t mean I don’t still have a sweet tooth! There are so many delicious fall treats you and your friends could make, like pumpkin pie, apple streusel, berry cobbler, and more. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! You could make it into a bonding floor activity too, if you’re living in a dorm — just make sure you buy enough ingredients!

  2. 2. Scary movie marathon!

    While still fitting in with the spooky theme of Halloween, here’s a more relaxed approach: invite some friends over, pop a few bags of popcorn, pick up some candy (is it really Halloween if you don’t have any candy?), and plop yourselves on the couch. The cozier the better, so feel free to add blankets, pillows, fuzzy socks, and hot chocolate or apple cider!

  3. 3. Costume “Project Runway”!

    I feel like everyone has seen, or heard of, Project Runway. Essentially, you design a ~look~ to be modeled and judged. Feel free to change the exact details of the challenge to best fit your friend group — you guys could each bring a bag of old clothes to put together a costume from, or go thrifting, instead of starting from complete scratch. Once you’ve finished making your costumes, show them off! Have a little fashion show, and maybe even give out a couple awards!

  4. 4. Spooky makeup FaceTime!

    If you, like me, have friends spread out all over the country, and you all like makeup, what better way to safely celebrate Halloween than to combine both of those things? Grab your brushes and phone charger, get your lighting set up, and call up your girls. You can catch up on each other's lives while you try out new makeup techniques and creepy looks, all in the spirit of Halloween — you could even prank call some of your other friends later to give them a scare!

Although it’s disappointing we can’t celebrate Halloween normally, it gives us time to come up with new traditions! I hope you’re still able to make the most of unusual circumstances — have a spooky, safe Halloween!