8 Spooky Costumes on a College Budget

New York’s leaves have transformed from bright green to deep yellow and burnt orange. The days change to night earlier than before. Midterms and essays are frighteningly piling up. Guess what! It’s spooky season! This year, Halloweekend coincidentally overlaps with Election Day weekend, which means it’s sure to be a fa-boo-lous weekend full of tricks, treats, and hocus pocus! Here are some college-budget friendly costumes so you can be the cutest pumpkin in the patch!

  1. 1. Cat

    Everyone knows that the feisty feline costume is a Halloween classic. Cue your inner Gretchen Weiners from Mean Girls as you strut around as a leopard, lion, or house cat!

    Simply wear all black (or leopard print if you are feeling especially bold) and buy some ears from Amazon or Forever 21. Complete the look by drawing whiskers on your face with eyeliner or facepaint!

  2. 2. Arthur

    Haven’t you dreamed of dressing up like Arthur, the beloved aardvark? I’m sure you have. While Arthur’s character has exploded in recent years due to his clenched fist meme, many of us still fondly remember watching him alongside Buster, Francine, Muffy, and Binky on PBS kids. Arthur’s ensemble is pretty basic: a yellow sweater, a pair of jeans, and round glasses. If you really want to become Arthur, you can craft his telltale ears from a headband and felt! 

  3. 3. Wednesday Addams

    Ok, so maybe you’re trying to avoid the “cutesy” Halloween costumes and want to try out a ~spooky~ look. Or your impending fear of midterms leads you to select a dismal character whose sadness you identify with on a spiritual level. Either way, channel your inner emo by becoming Wednesday from the beloved Addams family. Wednesday wears all black with dark makeup and pigtails. You can rock your old Doc Martens or bring out a pair of ripped tights you’ve abandoned in your closet. While many stores sell prepared costumes for the Addams Family, you can also just whip out an old black dress. 

  4. 4. Rosie the Riveter

    We love a feminist icon! Rosie the Riveter embodies girl power, strength, patriotism, and pride! Her iconic image is well known by everyone. Become Rosie for the night by wearing a denim button down and a polka-dot hair bandana. Bonus points if you create a poster or sign emblazoned with “We Can Do It!” Don’t forget to strut her iconic arm flex pose!

  5. 5. Angel/Devil

    Time for a quintessential Halloween duo! Pair up with your best friend and become an angel and a devil. The angel look can be accomplished with a white dress or bodysuit and soft, glowy makeup. Craft your own halo with pipe cleaners or wire! Your devil buddy can prance around in sultry red hues. Take a trip to the craft store to create a pitchfork from wood, or buy one online to top off your look! 

  6. 6. Matching T-shirt Costumes

    Another great option for friends are paired t-shirts. Maybe one of you is peanut butter and the other is jelly, or you want to pair up to be the “King and Queen” of a deck of cards with a significant other. Amazon and other Halloween costume vendors like Party City carry a vast array of simple t-shirt costumes that can be conveniently worn throughout the entire Halloween day! 

  7. 7. Mary Poppins

    As a child we all dreamed of having a mesmerizing nanny like Mary Poppins! Now is your chance to become your childhood idol for Halloween. Mary Poppins’ clothing is quite ordinary; she dresses in a 1950s style large coat, a brimmed hat, and lace up boots. Her most significant feature is her oversized bag that is capable of carrying a seemingly limitless amount of whimsical objects. Tote a large duffel bag around with you. If you truly want to embrace Poppins’ magical powers, carry a black umbrella similar to the one which she famously uses to levitate and travel. I’m sure your costume will be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! 

  8. 8. Alien

    Halloween is the perfect chance to escape this galaxy and become an extraterrestrial! Because no one truly knows what our alien friends look like, you can dress up in green, metallic, or holographic designs to complete this costume. Accessorize with a set of antennae or some funky space alien goggles! Everyone will agree, your costume is out of this world!

Halloween only happens once a year! Embrace your chance to dress up, go out, and have fun with these easy and affordable costumes. Whether you decide to be a classic character like Arthur, or spice things up as a fiery devil, remember to stay safe and warm! Work it, witch!