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8 Reasons Why the World Needs a ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Spin-Off About Alexis

*The following contains spoilers for Schitt’s Creek season six. Proceed at your own risk!

I can see it now: A Little Bit Alexis in the City. Dan Levy, if you’re reading this and like that title, I expect credit (please and thank you). Anyone who’s just finished Schitt’s Creek is extremely sad and cannot believe that the amazing series has actually come to an end. If you’re like Collier and I, however, you specifically feel that you need more time with Alexis. When I started the show, Alexis was probably my least favorite character and I would argue that this is meant to be her role. This is because the point is that she matures so much that she grows on you, and by the end of the series you want more time to truly explore the amazing, badass, independent, feminist woman she is becoming. If you ask me, she is the character who grows the most. That being said, I really really really need to see her out living her best life in New York City.

Annie Murphy is a gem and we need more of her.

I love Annie Murphy. As Alexis Rose, she perfectly balances funny and sweet; her work has catapulted Alexis from one of my least favorite characters to my most treasured. Fun fact: Arguably the best Alexis moment on the show, when she auditions for Cabaret singing “the title track from [her] critically reviewed limited reality series A Little Bit Alexis”, was a direct product of Annie Murphy’s genius. Murphy co-wrote the infamous song with her husband, the frontman of indie rock group Hollerado. If you can’t get enough of “A Little Bit Alexis”, check out the acoustic version she performed live in Atlantic City with Noah Reid. (Note to Dan Levy: this version should be the spin-off’s theme song.)

Alexis’ career is only just getting started.

When we first meet Alexis, working and being independent are the last things on her mind. To work, she probably would’ve said, “Ew, David!” However, by the end of the series, she’s purposefully getting her career as a talent manager started and is really proud of herself. Although she began from helping out her mom with The Crows Have Eyes 3: The Crowening, she made a name for herself and discovers it to be something she likes. She ends up having a passion for doing something for herself and being independent, so much so that she gives up the (then) love of her life for it. This is a huge moment for Alexis, as she has always defined herself by who she is dating and for how long. Finally, she comes to define herself based on her capabilities and her accomplishments outside of other people. New York City is obviously the perfect place for a talent manager, and so I really need to see who she comes across there and just how much more her career blossoms. Dan Levy, you know it’s the perfect opportunity to showcase just exactly what Alexis Rose is capable of.

Newly single, Alexis needs to explore the NYC dating pool.

Alexis’ relationships prior to season one had been unfulfilling and, frankly, dangerous. Throughout the series, she recounts an affair with a Saudi prince (while trapped in his palace), a sexual bribe to escape a Thai drug lord’s car, and being dumped five times by socialite Stavros. Thankfully, Alexis has the opportunity to grow significantly through her relationships in Schitt’s Creek, most notably with local veterinarian Ted Mullins. She opens her heart by telling Ted she loves him — a very uncommon phrase in the Rose household — and agrees to join him on his research mission in the Galapagos Islands. Ultimately, Alexis makes the mature decision to pursue her dreams of working in PR in New York City, and she and Ted lovingly part ways. Armed with the selflessness and compassion she learned from Ted, Alexis will be unstoppable in the NYC dating scene, and I need to see it.

We need an excuse to see the rest of the Roses (and Stevie) again.

How is married life for David and Patrick? How is Stevie liking managing a thriving motel chain? I can’t live with the fact that I might never know. If there was a spin-off about Alexis, we’d be able to peek back into everyone else’s lives to see how they’re doing. They could come visit Alexis in New York in her tiny studio apartment, and David could complain about how small it is and why it smells the way it does. She could come back to Schitt’s Creek and stay with David and Patrick in their adorable new home. Viewers need this content. We cannot live without these kinds of reunions happening. 

There will certainly be (more mature) misadventures.

A show cannot focus on Alexis without featuring misadventures. She has matured significantly while living in Schitt’s Creek, but some things never change. I imagine that when Alexis first arrives in New York, she will regress into her old ways. She will party, connect with local socialites, and get into trouble (but with better judgment). A few months into her move, she will experience a wake-up call: rent will be due and she misspent her money, her new “friends” will show their true colors, or a family member will ground her. Alexis will remember all that she learned in Schitt’s Creek, and reevaluate, pursuing her goals more aggressively than ever before. I’m here for it.

She’s going to make some amazing friends.

Alexis is a ~personality~ to say the least, so we already know that she’s going to meet an interesting group of people. If I had to guess, I’d say she’d somehow find the rejects of New York and make them into a friend group. There would be the wannabe Broadway star, the surprisingly attractive man wearing an Elmo suit in Times Square who she bumps into, and one of those people who paints themselves and pretends to be a statue who would somehow end up chasing her. Throughout Schitt’s Creek Alexis has had really mean friends from her luxe life, her only true friends coming to be Twyla and Stevie. Seeing her make new friends in a city with people she never would have come across before would really allow for some funny scenes.

Twyla must come visit.

As Arianna mentioned in our previous Schitt’s Creek article, the show centers around unlikely friendships; perhaps the most unlikely of all is that of Alexis and Twyla. As the seasons progress, Alexis adjusts to Twyla’s sunny demeanor and genuine love for Schitt’s Creek. Twyla never quite understands all of Alexis’ references and misadventures, but early on, she identifies her capacity for kindness and love. Season six culminates in Alexis’ request that Twyla visit her in New York, and that visit simply must happen. I need Twyla insisting that they visit Times Square while Alexis tries to drag her to a niche neighborhood in Brooklyn. (And we all know Twyla will convince Alexis to eat her first street hot dog after their photo with Elmo.) I need a New York-style shopping spree, now that Twyla has hefty savings from winning the lottery. This friendship feeds my soul, and I need more of it.

It would be really funny to see Alexis deal with the unique lifestyle that is New York City.

New York has rats, bugs, tiny and crappy apartments, and the subway. Everything is crowded and smelly. And loud. Can you picture Alexis handling all that? Now, our girl is strong so I know that she’s going to make it. She made up her mind on living on her own to the point that she even denied money from Twyla, so she can totally do it. But her first few months are going to be rough, and it would be hilarious to watch. I can just picture her living in a shoebox apartment where all the appliances break, with a Craigslist roommate from hell. I truly cannot picture Alexis Rose taking the subway; I feel like she’d wear gloves and bring a blanket to sit on. Imagine her seeing a rat and jumping off the ground! Or getting stopped by one of the creepy Elmos in Times Square! It needs to happen; the world needs this televised.

A potential scene Collier came up with:

Alexis calls David from Coney Island: “Daviiiid, I’m loooost!” 

“Well, what subway did you take?” 

“My phone app said to take the A, but I couldn’t find that one so I took the B, like close enough, right?” 

“No, not ‘close enough’!”

New York City would bring about sibling bickering like we’ve never seen before, and I need it to happen.

Alexis’ growth throughout Schitt’s Creek’s six seasons has been remarkable. She challenged her view of herself as unintelligent by finishing high school and taking college business courses. She made the mature decision to end a relationship that was directly interfering with her goals. She chose to leave the family she has grown to adore in order to pave her own path. I believe that every Schitt’s Creek fan has felt inspired by Alexis, and it would be a privilege to watch her life play out in a New York-based spin-off.

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