8 Fall Fashion Basics You Need in 2020

As we move out of spooky season and into the season of thankfulness and pumpkin galore, we must also look into our wardrobes to consider what articles of clothing we can saunter through the fall leaves in. These eight pieces of clothing can be paired together to make an outfit that warrants the compliments of the top fashion designers and keep you warm at the same time. If they don’t keep you warm, at least you’ll look good while the goosebumps grow! 

  1. 1. Fishnet Tights

    Although these tights will allow air to slip through their holes, they are a staple that makes skirt outfits pop. Fishnet tights cause passersby to look twice and marvel at the bold look that they are sad enough not to be flaunting. 

  2. 2. Plaid Skirt


    These skirts are perfect for the dark academia aesthetic. Paired with a cozy crewneck sweater or turtleneck, they simply will command a mysterious love interest to approach you at the coffee shop — wearing a mask, of course.

  3. 3. Cozy Turtleneck

    Woman sitting at computer drinking coffee

    Paired with the essential plaid skirt, a cozy turtleneck draws the eye to the face. Not only are they flattering, but they protect your neck from the brisk fall air.

  4. 4. Solid Cardigans

    Solid cardigans, worn most fashionably unbuttoned with a patterned top, keep the body warm while still highlighting the collarbones and beautiful jewelry. Cardigans allow modesty, while still remaining true to fashion.

  5. 5. Leather Jacket

    woman in white jacket

    Leather jackets are increasingly seen throughout the streets of New York City. These jackets, screaming sophistication and class, can be found at thrift stores to avoid breaking the bank.

  6. 6. Bootcut Jeans

    woman sitting on the ground with a white sweater and jeans

    Highlighting every important part of the leg, bootcut jeans add flair to life and your fit. Travel back in time, but bring the compliments in.

  7. 7. Baseball Caps

    Fashioned with a ponytail or loose curls, baseball caps add that pop of color to your deep autumn palette. Not only that, but their casual nature helps to dress down more fancy fits, so you can look good no matter the occasion.

  8. 8. Retro Sunglasses

    Woman with shopping bags

    Not only a conversation piece but a path to transforming your world, retro sunglasses are the final accessory every fall fit needs. These colorful sunglasses change the colors of the world while matching with the colors of your outfit. These glasses can be found for as cheap for $5, but their utility is priceless.