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Another month means another collection of things to love. This November, my favorites focus on the impending holiday season and the cold weather which accompanies it.

1. Leaves Candle, Bath & Body Works

November means the last few weeks for autumn scents, including Leaves. From the beginning of the fall semester, my apartment has almost constantly smelled of crisp apple and warm clove; for the first time in my life, I have actually used up a whole candle! I love burning my candle while I eat breakfast in the morning, and when winding down in the evening. For those of you who reside in dorms with strict candle policies, the scent also comes as a Wallflower Fragrance.

2. John Legend, A Legendary Christmas (2018)

My first musical recommendation of the month follows the trend of the holiday season beginning earlier and earlier (but I’m not complaining!). My November was made when I realized I could spend the whole month listening to John Legend’s incredibly smooth voice take on a mix of classic Christmas songs and holiday originals. For those looking for an old favorite, I recommend “Silver Bells,” and for more adventurous listeners, “By Christmas Eve.”

3. Peppermint Mocha, Starbucks

As much as I love–like, really love–a good PSL, peppermint mochas have my heart. Every year I count down the days until Starbucks introduces its holiday menu (even though–fun fact–the peppermint syrup is available year-round). Although I tend to order mine with fewer pumps of both the mocha and the peppermint, I love the combination of these flavors together, especially when paired with chocolate shavings and a festive red cup.

4. Tate’s Double Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

More on the peppermint and chocolate trend: Tate’s brings its holiday A-game with its classic crunchy cookies made festive. Even those preferring a chewy or cakey cookie should give these a try; the intensity of mint flavor infuses the cookies with holiday cheer without coming on too strong, and the crunch combines perfectly with a warm coffee or hot chocolate.

5. Sweater Bodysuits

One of my more practical favorites this month is a concept which has revolutionized my winter wardrobe: the sweater bodysuit. While most bodysuits on the market are thin and meant for layering, some brands have come out with ones which hug the figure while also keeping you nice and toasty. Check out trendy shops such as Urban Outfitters, Madewell, and ASOS to find the perfect compliment for high-waisted jeans, a velvet skirt, or a pinafore dress.

6. Hand Made House, How it Ends and Where I’m Going (2018)

My final favorite this month brings me back to music. A long-time fan of Matchbox Twenty and specifically frontman Rob Thomas, I found my interest piqued when I discovered that his son recently started a band. A pop-rock group with impactful lyrics and catchy melodies, Hand Made House has proven itself a talented act, likely to reach success far beyond Berklee College of Music, where the band members currently attend. I highly recommend their lead single “Through You” as an introduction to the band, and “Top of the World” as supplemental listening.

Collier Curran

Columbia Barnard '20

Collier is a senior at Barnard College who enjoys brunch, playing with cats, and yelling at the TV during episodes of the Great British Baking Show. You can pry em dashes out of her cold, dead hands.
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