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5 Trendy Pieces to Incorporate Into Your Wardrobe This Fall

As someone who is constantly torn between wanting to replace my entire wardrobe at the end of each season and advocating for slow fashion and sustainability in the fashion industry, I have acquired a new method that allows me to be mindful about my purchases while staying trendy. Each season, I look for a few staple pieces that I can easily incorporate into my wardrobe, which currently consists of mostly basic, neutral items that go well with most other items. I also like to make sure that there are several different ways that I can wear the item before I purchase it. 

So, for this fall season, I have compiled a list of 5 fashionable pieces that are completely versatile yet trendy to incorporate into your wardrobe. The following pieces are classic, staple items that will not go out of style with time, and can be styled with various outfits:

1. Faux leather jacket

One material that seems to never go out of style is leather. Whenever I wear any piece of leather clothing, my outfit instantly feels elevated, and I instantly feel cool. Almost every season, leather is guaranteed to come back in style in some form or shape. This year, a white, chic (faux) leather ~shacket~ is all that I want to be wearing! Another great and versatile option is a vintage leather blazer, which will elevate your outfit and work with any top you wear underneath. I personally love this affordable faux leather overshirt from Zara, if you’re looking for an oversized fit. Below is how the fashion blogger Sonia Dhillon is styling hers:

2. chunky boots

Thick-sole chunky boots add a sense of edge to any outfit. Doc Martens classic platform boots seem to never go out of style, not to mention their durability and versatility. There is a reason why these are so favored by the fashion world — they go well with almost everything! I personally would pair mine with a pair of straight white jeans and a black turtleneck. I would even pair them with a floral maxi dress to spice up my outfit!

3. Sweater vests

Sweater vests styled over a simple white t-shirt is all that I have been seeing on campus lately! It is preppy and fun, not to mention incredibly versatile for all seasons. I love wearing my dark blue sweater vest by itself, or with an oversized poplin button-up underneath. Check out below to see how my favorite fashion blogger, Taylor Hage, is styling hers: 

4. Boy/Baggy Trousers

There are so many great things to love about baggy trousers: they are comfortable, they are business casual, and they pair well with most tops! I love how effortlessly fashionable these pants are, not to mention they are also great business attire. Check out these ASOS Design charcoal pants and H&M Wide-cut pants.

5. oversized poplin shirt

After watching Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s romantic-comedy, Amelie, I fell completely into a French girl phase. A classic, simple — yet chic — staple to a French girl’s wardrobe is an oversized white poplin shirt, usually paired with jeans and a bold red lipstick. While the standard white button-ups are definitely still in fashion, I have been seeing them mostly worn unbuttoned over a crop top or tank top. My favorite affordable options are from Zara and H&M.

All of the pieces I have included demonstrate that what is denoted as “fashionable” for one season might actually be what we already have in our closet. While it can be tempting to hop quickly on the next fashion trend, it is also important to be mindful of your purchases and the environmental impacts of fast fashion.

Grace Nguyen

Columbia Barnard '23

Grace is a Vietnamese freshman at Barnard College. She loves online-shopping, reading YA Fiction/Contemporary and fangirling, binging on murder mysteries + cooking shows and walking around aimlessly with music on.
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