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5 Top News Stories You Missed Because of Covid-19

If you’ve been looking for news happening around the world other than Covid-19, you might realize that most news outlets are not giving us a break from the pandemic. After some digging, these are the five various news and entertainment stories you might have missed because of the pandemic.

Ukraine’s Environmental Scare

Ukraine’s recent forest fire, which broke out on Saturday, April 4th, has spread over 12 miles into the Chernobyl disaster area, resulting in radiation spikes 16 times normal levels. Chernobyl was the location of a nuclear accident in 1986 where five percent of a radioactive core was released into the atmosphere. Last weekend, the Chernobyl disaster area showed a significant jump in radioactivity near the center of the 250-acre fire, showing levels of 2.3, well above the normal level of 0.14. As of April 7th, firefighters are still fighting to extinguish the fire.

Gun Violence Hasn’t Stopped in Florida

Jacksonville, Florida seems to be a hotspot for gun violence in this pandemic. In March, “the city averaged almost two shootings every day” for a total of 55 gun-related injuries and 18 deaths. With less crime-fighting groups like MAD DADS patrolling the streets, criminals continue to engage in violence despite stay-at-home orders. Luckily, organizations like Crime Stoppers continue to be taking calls and supporting victims in hopes of limiting crime during this time.

Bad News for Democracy

On April 6th, to account for lower than normal voter turnout, the Democratic committee asked the Supreme Court to approve absentee ballots that were postmarked after the initial April 7th deadline. This request failed, as the Republican committee successfully contested on a firm April 7th deadline. For Wisconsin and other states that have not postponed their elections, this means its residents must go to popular polling locations, definitely a coronavirus haven. Further muddying this, most usual poll workers have refused to work the election, and Governor Tony Evers had to call the National Guard to keep polls open. Still, the number of voting locations have fallen immensely, with Miluakee’s usual 180 polling locations falling to just five. Wisconsin and other states are expecting to see significantly less voter turnout this election.

Call Me By Your Name Sequel

The creator of the “skinny boys who eat cigarettes” aesthetic, Timothée Chalamet, and his co-star Armie Hammer have signed up for a sequel to the cult-loved Call Me By Your Name. The sequel, Find Me, (named after the original book) will take place 10 years after the events of the original film. Although production of the film is currently halted due to the pandemic, director Luca Guadagnino is inspired and excited to begin production.

The Newest Kardashian Drama

In the promo for KUWTK’s 18th season, Kourtney and Kim seem to be involved in some kind of physical brawl. While it probably can’t be considered a fistfight since Kim seems to be fighting with her elbows to protect her acrylics, it definitely comes close. The underlying drama actually stems back to 2018 when Kourtney announced that she was considering stepping back from the show, to which Kim responded: “You’re the least interesting [Kardashian] to look at.” Since then, their sisterly drama has only heightened, perhaps reaching the peak with this catfight. If a dramatic distraction is what you need, you can watch the new season of KUWTK on E!.

And if you’re wondering about my news? I’m just sleeping through my zoom classes and watching yoga instructors’ Instagram lives. Stay safe, stay sane, and eat the rich.

Kyrie Woodard

Columbia Barnard '23

is originally a Washingtonian turned New Yorker. Her hobbies include talking about her cats, Bobby and Greg, and drawing macroeconomic graphs.
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