5 Necessary Accessories to be the Coolest Kid in College and Summer Camp

Curious about the overlap between what makes you cool at childhood summer camps and what makes you cool as a young adult in college? Don’t worry! Here’s some insider information from someone with some personal experience.

  1. 1. Those Pigtail Braids

    Let’s be real: braids never actually went out of style. They’re still fun, flirty, and functional; you look cute while you wear them, and you look cute the next day after you fall asleep without taking them out.

  2. 2. Sockos (Socks + Chacos)

    Comfortable and practical—what more could you want? As a college student, Sockos are especially fitting for cold, dry weather, and are particularly fashionable during fall semester midterms and exams.

  3. 3. Tie Dye

    Hot take: it’s impossible for tie dye shirts to be fashionable unless you make them yourself. The actual dying is the real fun of tie dye, and college students like to dye white t shirts, socks, and bandanas as much as the average seven year old. Besides, even if no one else knows you dyed your shirt yourself, you do, and that’s what really matters.

  4. 4. Crocs

    Similar to Sockos, these might be a more casual look. Despite the ridicule Crocs receive publicly, you can still look fly as hell sporting a pair of Crocs, complete (of course) with Jibbitz shoe charms.

  5. 5. Friendship Bracelets

    This one is the most important. I (re)started making friendship bracelets a few months ago, and people love them. Both my friends and people I barely know but want to be friends with have asked me for them, and people have even paid me. Moral: friendship bracelets bring you connections, wealth, and fashion, and let you subtly express whom you like and whom you maybe don’t like as much.