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5 Limited Edition Valentine’s Day Food Specials You Must Try

Honestly, I love to eat, but I really love to eat limited edition foods. My calendar is full of deadlines to try certain foods by. I don’t like to miss out on getting a specific flavor of some mediocre fast-food restaurant dessert. If you’re the same, this list is for you. I’ve compiled the top 5 Valentine’s Day desserts you have to try before the end of the holiday.

Krispy Kreme Donuts

Krispy Kreme’s new Valentine’s collection features 4 heart-shaped donuts in several different flavors. The Sprinkled Heart donut has a cake batter filling, red icing, and heart sprinkles. There’s also the Sugar Cookie Heart filled with sugar cookie cream and topped with their “Valentine sugar blend”. Next is the Strawberries and Kreme heart which is, of course, filled with strawberries and cream and topped with strawberry icing. Last but not least, is the Chocolate Caramel heart with caramel cream filling and both chocolate and white icing. Share a dozen with your bae, or honestly just eat a whole dozen yourself. 

Kraft Mac & Cheese

Kraft has saved 2021 by releasing an oddly appealing combo. “Candy Kraft Mac & Cheese includes a candy flavor packet to turn classic Kraft Mac & Cheese pink,” the company says. Why, God, did they do this? Who the hell knows, but I have to try it. Say you’re the mac to my cheese by sharing this (hopefully) delicious treat.

Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins’ much-beloved Valentine’s flavor “Love Potion #31” has returned once again to save your taste buds. This flavor of the month features white chocolate and raspberry ice cream with raspberry swirl, chocolate chips, and raspberry-filled hearts. This ice cream is your perfect match and you can try it until March 1st. 

Papa Murphy’s

Papa Murphy’s take-and-bake heart-shaped pizza is still available until Valentine’s day. If you prefer savory oversweet treats, this $9 large pizza deal is for you. You can warm your heart and your home at 425º as this pizza bakes in your oven.

Nothing Bundt Cake

Nothing Bundt Cake’s flavor of the month is the salted caramel bundt, available now until March 14th. The salty-sweet concoction will definitely brighten your quarantine Valentine’s Day. If you’re spending this day alone, treat yourself to a single-serve bundlet with Valentine’s Day decorations.

Nothing tastes better than a limited edition dessert that you can’t have again for another 365 days. Happy Valentine’s day everyone, stay safe, eat desserts, and I promise you, the Kraft Mac & Cheese is probably as flavorful as eating the rich.  

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