5 Acrostic Poems for 5 Campus Libraries

Need help figuring out where to study on campus? Check out these acrostic poems to help you choose your study atmosphere!

Before six A.M.

Until after

Two A.M., Butler offers a


Environment for

Reading or crying.


Around the door you’ll always find

Very cool people smoking not

Electronic cigarettes but

Real ones,

Year round, even in the cold.


Much better—a huge

Improvement—to any

Library at Columbia. What cool

Seats, what

Tan wood, what

Enormous windows!

Is it

Not amazing?


Ever want to be in

Avery but with

Slightly dimmer lighting

To make you sleepy

And a

Significantly more

Interesting ceiling? Then East

Asian is the place for you to

Nap (or work)!


Look out the big windows

And be grateful you’re not out in the

Wind on the bridge over Amsterdam.