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2016 Looks Back: Days on Campus


Remember your own Days on Campus, those two days you spent savoring the beauty that is Columbia University? For most students, those two days were what ultimately determined whether or not they wanted to be here. Well, 2016, it’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since we’ve stepped foot on Columbia’s campus for that infamous weekend. And now it’s time for us to welcome a whole new class of potential Columbia students. As we eagerly wait for Low Steps and the South Lawn to be overrun by the class of 2017 for two weekends in a row, we can’t help but feel a little nostalgic and reminisce about our own Days on Campus.

There are the people who sought an overnight visit to Columbia to get to experience firsthand what Columbia University is all about. Being able to stay inside an actual dorm with a current student is a great way to experience student life away from the organized events put on by student affairs. It gives you an unfiltered view of Columbia (and shows you just how nice or disappointing the dorm rooms were). Zaina Rodney, CC’16, looked back on her favorite part of Days on Campus, stating, “It’s so exciting to come here and get a glimpse of the atmosphere of Columbia and not just the education. Most of what you need to know about the classes can be found online but you can’t capture the Columbia student life in words.”


And the importance of hosts is something that cannot be devalued. Stephanie Gozali, CC’16, shared her thoughts on the host-matching during Days on Campus. “I thought Columbia did a great job in pairing people with hosts. In the application, they asked about your interests in terms of clubs, majors, etc. I listed performance arts as my interest and my host was very active in the performing arts scene at Columbia.” Whether they realize it or not, current Columbia students play a vital role in the decision of whether prospective choose to attend Columbia.

There are the people who wanted to see all the wonder that is New York City, especially at night. For some people, this was their first time in New York City. Days on Campus gave them a way to venture out in the city and take it in everything that could potentially be theirs to explore. “My favorite scheduled active was the bus ride of NYC because it provided a quick and effective introduction to New York,” said Stephanie Gozali. “New York City was what really attracted me to Columbia.” Columbia’s campus goes beyond 114th and 120th street, and incorporating a bus tour of New York City showed the integration of the university with the city.

And then there are students who wanted to meet people and start building friendships. Coming to Days on Campus definitely give you a preview of who would ultimately be your classmates, floor mates and friends. Carmin Munoz, CC’16, explains how she felt upon her arrival on campus. “I’d never left Texas and coming here allowed me to meet so many students from all over the world. Days on Campus was my first glimpse at the diverse study body at Columbia and that really impacted my decision.” When asked about the personal friendships that she’s made, Stephanie Gozali shared a story that many current students relate to: “On the first day, I went to eat dinner at John Jay hall. I got food with a girl who’s now my floor mate that I’ve gotten really close to. We saw Carmin, approached her and ended up eating with her. I really enjoyed her company and we hung out for the rest of the evening. Little did I know that Carmin and I would end up becoming great friends and roommates in the upcoming year!”

Welcoming a new set of students is always exciting, especially when we remember all the amazing ways that Days on Campus has impacted our lives and decisions. As 2016 passes the torch on to 2017, we can only hope that their experiences here remain with them for the rest of their lives.

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