18 of the Most Awkward Columbia Moments

1. Walks of shame. There’s nothing like waking up on a Sunday morning realizing you’re going to have to make the trek back to your dorm hungover, alone, and in a crop top you wore to the “tight and bright” themed frat party the night before. Don’t forget to brace yourself for the encounter with the security guard.

2. Tripping while texting in front of the steps in Butler. Yes, everyone saw.

First it’s like this

Then it’s like this

And then you walk away like this

3. There’s nothing like a midday juggle session at Ferris. Seriously, why all the plates?

4. The fact that you never saw your one-night stand before Thursday and now you see him EVERYWHERE.

5. Nussbaum, 10am, on a Friday morning. Just no.

6. Whenever you start laughing at something on your computer in Butler. No one thinks it’s funny.

7. Ahh, the wonderful wind tunnels of NYC! Wearing a dress while walking down the steps + random gust of wind = no bueno. Or, those times you get caught in the vortex between the two doors in Butler. I’m not trying to look like Ursula here.

8. That awkward moment when you introduce yourself to a new person at Mel’s and they respond, “We met last week…”

At first you’re like

But then you’re like

And then they walk away and you’re like