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10 Reasons Why You Should Watch ‘The Harley Quinn Show’

I was introduced to the DC Universe when I was in elementary school, and I immediately became fond of the character Harley Quinn. So when I saw the trailer for her new animated series, I was beyond excited. The Harley Quinn Show — which is on HBO Max — is about the fictional supervillain Harley Quinn and her newly independent life in Gotham City. At first glance, this show may not seem like something that would interest you. Maybe because it is animated, or because you do not like superheroes, or perhaps even because you are a diehard Marvel fan — but I think there’s something in the show for everyone.

Here are 10 reasons to check out The Harley Quinn Show:

The humor

The humor in this show is unparalleled to anything I’ve ever seen in another superhero series. There is a lot of dark humor interwoven into the plot. Maybe it’s because this is the first time Harley Quinn has appeared on her own, or perhaps because of something else. All I know is that it’s hard not to burst out laughing when watching the show.

The versatile characters

Even though most of the characters in this show have been a part of the DC Universe for many years, there’s something noticeably different about how they are portrayed in this show. This does not just apply to the villains of the show; superheroes, such as Batman and Superman, are also seen in a different light. The characters all offer something unique to the plot — no one can be described as stereotypical. I think that the humor is a significant source of the characters’ versatility; they all have different perspectives, and when they come together, it is delightful to watch.

It blends classic superhero elements with modern ones

There is a lot about The Harley Quinn Show that is entirely different from previous shows created by DC Comics. But there are also a few things that have remained the same, most likely to stay true to the DC Universe “nature.” The characters, like Harley Quinn, the Joker, and many more, are all recognizable. Much of the characters’ physical appearance has remained the same from previous comic books and series. The significant change that is very apparent is how the characters are portrayed: the way they talk and present themselves. This blend of elements from the past and new ideas make the show enjoyable.

It’s written for an older audience

DC and Marvel have both started expanding their content for various ages, likely realizing that they will attract a wider audience by doing so. DC has made many movies and games catered to older audiences, but this is one of the first TV shows that they have produced solely for adults. In addition to the mature humor and reimagined characters, I have never seen many of the darker themes presented in this show.

Each episode is captivating

Even though all shows aim to provide engaging content and keep the viewer eager to watch the next episode, there is something different about The Harley Quinn Show. I started watching it as soon as it came out, with each new episode being released once a week. This is why, unlike many people, I started looking forward to Mondays. Technically, all the episodes can be watched independently; however, there’s a continuity towards each show’s end, which will make you want to binge-watch it as fast as you can.

The relationship between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

The friendship between these two characters has always been there; that’s how they were written from their creation. But the way their relationship is portrayed in this show is different. They have a dynamic unfamiliar to what we have seen on screen before, but it’s similar to the type of friendships we see and experience in real life. They have their ups and downs, but Harley Quinn’s relationships are a crucial aspect of the show.

It’s easy to understand without prior superhero knowledge

Many people are turned off by superhero movies and TV shows because they think they won’t understand what’s going on. At least, this is what I have experienced. One of the best parts of this show is that there is nothing you need to know before starting it. Almost everything introduced in this show is explained to you, and it’s easy to catch on.

The evolution of Harley Quinn as a character

One of the darker themes explored in this show is the evolution of Harley Quinn’s character. The relationships that she builds and her experiences help her understand who she truly is inside. There’s a lot that Harley Quinn learns about herself, and I think there are many things that viewers will learn about themselves too. I would go deeper into this, but I don’t want to spoil anything for people who may want to watch the show.

The chemistry between the characters

The way the characters interact with each other is a significant contributor to the show’s comedic aspect. Many of the characters come together after experiencing something detrimental to their “career,” and much like Harley Quinn did, find out more about themselves and their true potential. This back-and-forth between the characters is not standard in superhero movies and TV shows.


One of my favorite parts about this show is how Bane, another supervillain in the DC Universe who also resides in Gotham City, is personified. He is utterly different from how he appears in comic books, video games, and movies. There’s not much else to say about Bane and how he is portrayed other than that he serves as comic relief for the entire show.

There are so many reasons I loved watching The Harley Quinn Show, and I tried to convince all of my friends to watch it too. There’s a lot to unpack while watching this show, and you will definitely have a great time doing so!

Mahati Shastry

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