Your Top Ten Mannequin Challenges

As 2016 begins to wrap up for the New Year, one trend that will forever be remembered is the Mannequin Challenge. The sudden popularity of freezing like a mannequin for a video, originated with a group of students and became viral with the help of several celebrities posting videos on social media. While some people put a lot of time and effort into their videos, the challenge is doable for anyone, which emphasizes the inclusivity throughout the nation. One day in the future, when you think back on the trending #MannequinChallenge, this article will be a quick source for some of the most extravagant videos that were made.   

# 1  The Soul Train Awards Mannequin Challenge- Just how did they get that many people to cooperate? 

#2 The White House Mannequin Challenge With Some Friends

#3  It’s Britney B****

#4  Stephen Curry Mannequin Challenge 

#5  Hillary Clinton and Crew Mannequin Challenge 

#6  Late Late Show Mannequin Challenge 

#7  Blac Chyna Mid Labor Mannequin Challenge 

#8  Crazy Cheerleader Mannequin Challenge 

#9  The What Happened To Gravity Mannequin Challenge 

#10  The Of Course Ellen Killed It Mannequin Challenge