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Your Spring Break Essentials & Why You Shouldn’t Forget Them

There about a million and one things you need to bring to Mexico this year. You’ve worn the same pair of lulu’s for that past three days, but you’ve made sure to pack at least eight bralettes for the next six days. Come on. Get your head on straight—empty that suitcase and let’s pack the essentials

Pack light, but with a purpose. The things you’ll need:

1.  Bathing Suits. That should be a no brainer—but here’s a helpful tip. If you’re contemplating checking a bag, stuff a few kinis in your carry on. In the (hopeful) off chance your bag gets lost, the last thing you need is a week of reluctantly borrowing your friends bathing suits—or a horrible sports bra tan line.

2.  Speaking of tanlines. Make sure to pack the SPF—we’ll leave the degree up to your discretion. Who knows what they have at the gift shop upon your arrival in Mexico, best to arm yourself with the tried and true oil before spending a fortune on a travel size bottle at the concierge’s desk!

3.  Don’t bring a purse—opt for its handsfree alternative! Yes, we’re talking about a fanny pack. But don’t let the image of dear old dad in Disney World deter you from the parental pack. Since then, they’ve become the hottest beach time fashion statement.

4.  Don’t count on an ATM, guys. Bring some $$$ of your own to exchange at the airport upon your arrival, or at the front desk of your hotel! Between the cab rides, dinners out and potential souvenir shopping—you won’t want that pesky plastic holding you back!

5.  If you’re a picky eater or simply get hangry easily—we suggest you bring some snacks in that checked bag! Especially if you’re partaking in some heavy drinking during your Mexican vacay, some rice cakes or doritos would be a godsend to have handy.

6. Your most essential item isn’t something you should pack—cue the corn—it’s the appreciation and excitement you should have that you get to spend the next week with your best friends on a beautiful beach AND partaking in the most outrageous of fun!

Have fun, ladies. 

Morgan is a junior at Colgate University where she majors in Creative Writing and minors in Film & Media Studies.  On campus, Morgan is a New Member Educator for greek life's Kappa Kappa Gamma.  When she's not under stacks of English literature in the library, you can find her watching old reruns of Laguna Beach with her co-correspondent leader, Caroline Parsons.  An avid listener of country music, interior design fanatic, and diehard Bachelor spectator.  Check out the blogs and articles produced by Morgan, Caroline, and their diverse (just as weird) team of writers!
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