Why You Should & Shouldn't Go Home For Easter

It’s the home stretch! Midterms are officially over and finals are on the horizon. You have the perfect amount of time to get equal parts bored and equal parts antsy as you anxiously await the end of the year festivities. Yet another weekend has passed—you broke your promised sacrifice for Lent—and the aroma of slices and mozz sticks is wearing you down.

A nice weekend at home sounds ideal—clean shower, a bed not made for a toddler and (YES) Easter brunch with the fam. But before you hop a flight and return home to dear old mom and dad, let’s think things through.

PRO: Mama’s home cooked meals!

CON: Mother’s carefully brewed questions: How about those job applications? Who was that boy in your Instagram? Did you get your midterm grades back?

PRO: A room to call your own!

CON: That mess you left in your room from spring break unloading—Mom graciously waited for your return.

PRO: Seeing Pop, Gammy and the whole fam bam.

CON: Turns out the whole family was brewing questions of their very own.

PRO: The Easter Egg Hunt!

CON: You’re now too old and must hide (rather than find) the eggs.

PRO: A parental reprieve from buying groceries for the week!

CON: Remember that $20 you owed your brother?

PRO: It’s only a four hour drive home!

CON: It’s eight hours round trip.

Every pro has its con. This holiday—may the odds be in your favor.