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Who Wants to Join My Houseparty?


If you guys are anything like me, I know you’re always frustrated with how you can only facetime one friend at a time. What are you supposed to do the morning after going out and you want to talk to all of your friends about the drama that went down??  Nobody has the time to facetime friends one after another and I know the colgate campus is small, but walking to where your friends live is not always an option either. However, FEAR NO MORE!  The app Houseparty is here to save the day.

Houseparty is an app that is blowing up college campuses across the country. College students everywhere are using Houseparty to pre-game, make plans, rehash a crazy night out, keep in touch with who’s studying abroad or really for any moment in time! Houseparty allows you to facetime with up to eight individuals at once.

Never again will you be left with the dilemma of which friend you designate as more important and chose to call. Houseparty lets you add friends to your contacts, similar to snapchat, and then notifies you whenever that friend is using the app. That way you know who and when people are available to chat. Houseparty also lets you “wave” to your friends in order to send them a direct notification to open the app and chat with you!

One of my favorite parts about the app is that you can jump from Houseparty to Houseparty. If you see two of your friends are chatting you can join right away simply by swiping right into the chatroom. However, for those out there that think that’s a little too convenient Houseparty also gives you the option to lock your chatroom and keep your privacy. Houseparty is revolutionizing the way people can communicate!

Don’t be the last one to download, get ahead of the curve and literally join the party now!  

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