What to Listen to on A Very Long Car Ride

1. Rewilding Episode Two: Sexual Liberation, Self Acceptance & Finding Your Purpose with Africa Brooke

Rewilding is a podcast created by Ella Grace Denton, a London born, Cape Town based, badass woman who is focused on, in her words “reconnecting with the wild woman inside.  In this episode, she talks to Africa Brooke, a mindset coach and speaker who works primarily with women, and focuses on holistic self development. This is the kind of podcast I wish I had as a sixteen year old girl.  These ladies answers all types of questions, from “how can I stop comparing myself to other women?” to “how can I become sexually liberated?”. They talk about things like loving yourself, owning your sexuality, body hair, and creating communities of women that build each other up.  This really is the perfect thing to listen to on a long car ride, because there is a great balance of talking about things that matter, and also talking about things that are fun and juicy, and I came away from it feeling more empowered just from listening.


2. Ellie Taylor: Stand up Comedy

I love listening to stand up comedy, and I can listen to it and enjoy it without having to actually watch the person.  Having said that, the way I listen to comedians in the car is usually that I press play on youtube before driving and then lock my phone and replay it with the screen locked so I only have access to the audio.  This way I’m not tempted to look at my phone to watch the person speaking. If you’re someone who would be too tempted to watch this as a video then it’s really not worth watching, but if you’re not like that, Ellie Taylor is the funniest, most charming, ridiculous comedian ever and spending time listening to her in the car will make your car ride so much more fun.


3.  Driving Playlist

I know everyone has their favorite music to listen to driving but these songs are so lovely, upbeat and interesting that I wanted to share them.  I know I’m always listening to new music like this for when I’m in the car and these songs are my absolute favorites to drive to.

  1. WaterLoo Sunset by the Kinks

  2. Jesus Etc. by Wilco

  3. Petra Rae by Wilderado

  4. Misty by Caamp

  5. Sour Candy by Melt

  6. Powa by Tune-Yards

  7. They think we’re Stupid by Ezra Bell

  8. Let’s Get Married by Bleachers

  9. Crimson and Clover by Tommy James & the Shondells

  10. Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen

  11. Goodmorning by Bleachers

  12. Are You Serious by Andrew Bird

  13. April Come She Will by Simon and Garfunkel

  14. I Saw Her for the First time by Dr. Dog

  15. Girl Crush (cover) by Riley Goldstein