What to Bring to Your Easter Brunch Potluck

It's Easter Sunday—and you're planning on "adulting" with your closest pals. We know the obvious choice is to hit the dollar store for the plates and pastic-ware, but perhaps this year, let's step outside the non-bakeable box!!

Listed here are four recipes that will ~wow~ your fellow Easter brunch buddies—and yourself included!

1.  The French Toast Bake—just imagine cinnamon, heavy cream and sourdough bread. How could one mess that up? It's a recipe for "mmmhhmmmmm" :)

2.  Everyone loves potatoes with breakfast—let's upgrade your average homefries this holiday season. Empress your pals with a Parmesan Hashbrown Muffins!

3.  An innovative way to mix the sweet and sour come brunch time? Two things: Peeps & Fruit. It's the dynamic duo Peter Rabbit will be dreaming about.

4.  Talk about the cutest brunch entrée! Deviled Chicks is your ultimate go-to when wanting to bring the punniest of plates to the table!

You will be irresistible with these recipes in your arsenal come Sunday—and give a special shouout to our Pin-speration and (duh) us if you execute any of these plates with Easter "egg-cellence" !!