What Being a Campus Correspondent Taught Us

After serving as campus correspondents for the Her Campus Colgate chapter, you learn a thing or two about people, deadlines and how to deal with it all. We wanted to thank the Her Campus family for including us in this world of "collegiette" columns—and share with the community how being a campus correspondent has shaped us these last few years. 

1.  Keep your circle of writers small—quality is better than quantity

2.  You can never have too many "list-icles"—case in point

3.  Sharing responsibiltiy is hard—in trying times chocolate and a "I'm Sorry" card are always a go to

4.  When faced with the question—to GIF or not to GIF—just GIF

5.  When your writers are blocked—bring them coffee—it's the sure fire cure

6.  The Knowledge Base Guide is the roadmap to life—use it

7.  When it comes time to transition into the real world after graduation—put the Her Campus chapter in capable hands. Hands that will appreciate this experience just about as much as you have—and continue the level of dedication!

Don't cry because you're done—just smile—you actually did it!