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Vest Investments

Since the weather in Hamilton is unpredictable (it was 60 degrees earlier in the week but snow is on it’s way again), it’s worth investing in a vest this season.  Vests are very versatile.  Whatever the weather or occasion, there is a vest out there to complete your outfit.  On mild days, trade your jacket for a lightweight vest over a long sleeve, and on chillier days layer a flannel under a puffy vest and jacket to stay warm. Some claim that vests are too bulky but many brands have changed their styles so you’re sure to find at least one you love this season.  Here are my top picks!

1.     The Patagonia Vest. A Colgate must have.  I see this vest all over campus and I own it as well- so you can trust in the fact that it’s a good investment.  Layer it with a flannel, jeans, and Fryes and you’ll be good to go.  

2.     The Fur Vest.  Okay so I know Hamilton is not the city and you’re not going out to eat any place special this weekend, but that shouldn’t stop you from dressing up.   The fur vest is stylish, yet comfortable which makes it the perfect item to wear out to eat on the weekend even if you’re staying around town.  Fur vests get expensive (and some of you may feel too bad for all the poor rabbits to actually wear a real one), so opt for a nice faux fur vest instead like The Aqua Faux Fur Cropped Vest from Bloomingdales or try a faux shearling vest which is a little less dressy.

3.     The Puffy Vest.  Luckily, many brands have made their puffy vests a lot less bulky.  The North Face Carmel Vest will keep you so warm and comfortable in Case: you’ll never want to leave…

4.     The Draped Vest.  This soft, jersey vest is as lightweight as you can possibly go with a vest.  Perfect for warmer days when you don’t want to wear a heavy sweater.  Just pair one of these over a long sleeve and jeans to keep it casual and comfortable (you can even wear it in the spring and summer- the definition of versatile!).  

Caroline Tocci is a Colgate '13 post-grad living in NYC. Besides working as an editorial assistant at Scholastic, she enjoys running, traveling, sailing, cooking, cheering for the Patriots, reading, and writing, of course. You can check out her blog Caroline's Cucina at http://www.carolinescucina.tumblr.com or follow her on Twitter, @carolinetocci. 
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