The Ultimate Duel—Saxbys or Dunkin'?

It's the fuel that drives you to that early morning seminar. It's the midnight oil during an inevitable all nighter in the library. It's an excuse to meet an old friend. It's the ultimate cure for a Sunday morning hangover. Coffee is crucial to our survival as diligent students, social beings, and functioning citizens of the world. So, take care when deciding your perfect cup.

In the midly sleepy town of Hamilton, New York we have but two options—Saxbys and Dunkin' Donuts. Each have their pros—and each their cons.

When faced with the ultimate decision—which mug suits your fancy?

1.  Saxbys is drectly in town square—Dunkin' reserves a place just on the outskirts.

Location, location, location.

2.  Dunkin' has donuts—Saxbys is a more upscale delicatessen.

Munchkins are a delicacy of their very own.

3.  Saxbys has a full espresso station—meanwhile Dunkin' lets that hot brew go stale around 1 p.m.

Everyone should treat themselves to a latte every now and then.

4.  Dunkin' has a drive thru—Saxbys is strictly walk in.

Why walk when you can drive?

5.  Saxbys has a nice ambiance for a sit down chat—Dunkin' has but four small tables with a view of the parking lot.

We'll let you decide—some Michael Bublé or puttering ignitions & the errant car horn?

6.  Dunkin' has medium sized coffee cups—Saxbys tries to pawn a small cup as their "medium."

You're not fooling anyone.

7.  Dunkin' clearly has more beans for your buck—but does the price reflect the quality?

That's for your tastebuds to decide.

It's a toss up. The financially frugal may decide on a nice mocha swirl from Dunkin' and hit the library—other bookwarms may pay for the experience of Saxbys while they stir their lattes in the comfort of a plush leather chair. Only one thing is for sure—we all love coffee no matter the shop!