The Top 10 Memes That Makes Valentine's Day Oh So Entertaining

Do you miss those Elementary School days—when the entire class bought Valentine's day cards for each other? Back when you didn't have to worry about having one Valentine, because you automatically had 23 in your class? Us too.

Let's face it—this holiday is really only enjoyable for Hallmark and for those who are in ~perfect~ relationships. If you are nodding your head in agreement right now—you are NOT alone! Just because you may not receive a romantic card this year, it does not mean that you should go drop money on classic rom-coms or over-priced chocolate. Who needs to spend extra cash when the Internet has all of the entertaining Valentine's day wishes you need? 

Here are the best Valentine's day card memes of 2017: 











Just remember—when you're feeling down on February 14, there are lots of people on the Internet who can provide entertainment for you. Who knows, maybe you could even send one of these cards to that girl or boy you've been crushing on! I hope you all have a happy, fun and meme-filled Valentine's day!