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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Colgate chapter.

We’ve all been there. Suddenly, it’s Sunday morning and you’re finding yourself struggling to get out of bed. The sunlight peeking through your window is way too bright, and your head is pounding. The thought of doing homework is unbearable because all you want to do is sleep. Unfortunately, as college students, we all have things to do, and we can’t take the day off to recover from a fun night out. If that’s something that troubles you frequently, here are some preventative and post-drinking measures you should incorporate into your regular going out routine!

Liquid IV

It’s simple. Add Liquid IV, an electrolyte mix, to water. Make sure to drink it both before and after you go out. This has been my favorite hack recently, especially since your body becomes extremely dehydrated when you drink, and the whole point of Liquid IV is to hydrate your body! They also have a variety of flavors to choose from. 

Don’t Skip Meals

I’m sure you have heard this one before, but seriously. Do not skip your meals. It is super important to make sure you are eating to fuel your body, especially if you’re going to be drinking. 

Avoid Sugary Drinks

According to this NPR article about mixing alcohol and soda, sugar slows down the absorption of alcohol from the stomach to the bloodstream. That means that, when you mix sugar with alcoholic drinks, you’ll actually feel more drunk. Try to stay away from drinks high in sugar content to avoid feeling that next-day hangover. Nowadays there are many alternatives out there to try out!

Drink Water

Another simple and self-explanatory tip: drink water. Make sure you drink lots of water before you go out, especially early in the day if you know you’re planning to drink later that night. Also, be sure to drink water in between drinking alcoholic drinks. It’s a great way to pace yourself. 


In an ideal world, once you get home safe, take off your makeup, and put on your pajamas, you’ll get some sleep. But that isn’t always the case because alcohol can keep you awake long after you’re in bed. Try to give it time and keep drinking water. Make sure you avoid caffeine late in the day as well. You got this!

Most of these tips are pretty self-explanatory, but they’re still really helpful to look at and consider next time you are making plans to go out! 

My name is Alisa, and I am a junior at Colgate University majoring in psychology. Career-wise, I am interested in the marketing, advertising, publishing, and journalism industries. Outside of school, I love learning about art history, reading fiction and non-fiction books, and staying active by playing soccer or tennis.