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Spring Trend: Ruffles


If you have flipped through any fashion magazines lately, I’m sure you noticed that ruffles are everywhere. Ruffles are one of this spring’s major trends. Harper’s Bazaar has multiple features on them as well as a million photo shots of how designers are featuring them. The ruffle has returned in different sense than our conventional notion of them (think voluminous tiered dresses, skirts and collars). The ruffle is back with a sleek and refined elegance. Designers such as Chloé, Gucci, and Balenciaga are making statement ruffles: one dramatic ruffle that is the main feature of the outfit. When I saw Greer Stichnoth ’14 in her formal dress, I immediately thought back to the styles these designers are presenting for this spring. The dress, described as an ‘asymmetrical peplum,’ has one large ruffle that runs down the bottom half diagonally. The ruffle is not overwhelming, as they once were, and it gives this classic LBD a modern flare. Additionally, the understated ruffle makes the dress extremely flattering, drawing attention to Greer’s narrow waste and elongating her legs. 

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