Sparks Flying at the Oscars: Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s “Shallow” Performance

After Sunday night, the only event Twitter was buzzing about was Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s performance at the Oscars.


Following two standing ovations and winning the award of "Best Original Song," Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s performance sent the public into a frenzy. The crowd went wild as the two performers looked as if they were about the kiss when they reached the peak of their hit song, “Shallow”. This extremely intimate performance included several smoldering looks and handsy interactions between the two (just close friends) even as Bradley’s girlfriend, Irina Shayk, watched from the audience.

From the making of the movie “A Star Is Born” to this awe-inspiring performance, we witnessed that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper consistently support and encourage each other, making a sensational duo. Subsequent to the performance, Lady Gaga revealed to the backstage press that before they went on stage, Cooper told her: “Let’s drop a little bit of joy” and Gaga's later response to the pre-show remark was: “It turns out, joy did a whole lot for me.” 

Their song, “Shallow”, intends to be both a conversation and a statement. As Lady Gaga explains, she wishes not to be in the shallow of  technology and consistently having a screen in front of her, but she finds herself in that position. This song aims to show that we as people are in a very shallow time, but this gives us the opportunity to dive into the water together and swim to the deepest water we can. 

When asked what she (Gaga) wants to do in the future she replied: “…continue to be myself. I want to continue to fight for what I believe in and do my best.” It goes without saying that we cannot wait to see what she unveils to the public next… perhaps another collaboration and jaw-dropping performance with Bradley Cooper?

The Performance: