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Balancing schoolwork and time with friends in quarantine can be tricky given the social distancing standards; however, it is important to continue to socialize away from the computer screen for your own mental health. Although we are not able to enjoy hanging out in the usual ways, social distancing guidelines still allow us to find new spaces and activities to keep busy and have fun! Here are few ideas to help you meet up with friends while practicing safe social interactions : )

  1. Go on a walk!​ This one is super simple but is obviously a great option. It’s a great break from schoolwork since you’ll be moving your body and out in the fresh air. Try looking for new trails to explore or even take advantage of hills on campus to turn it into a workout!

  2. Picnic! ​Picnics are such a great way to relax with friends and socialize with one another. Make sure everyone brings their own blankets and snacks to maintain distance! Set up somewhere with a pretty view or go around sunset to take cute golden hour pictures.

  3. Soccer! ​Soccer is a great activity because there is no need to touch the ball or others. Simply kick around a ball or take it up a notch and play a game! Not only can you have some friendly competition, but it will feel good to get your body active and moving.

  4. Netflix Party!​ Feeling lazy? You don’t have to go outside to hangout! Turn on Netflix and binge watch your favorite show or watch the movie you and your friends have always wanted to see. You can all use the comment section to socialize and discuss what you are watching. My favorite shows to binge are New Girl and Big Mouth…seriously such good shows for a guaranteed laugh.

I highly recommend taking the time out of your day to see your friends and get outside. It really is so good for the soul and will help you focus when it is time to get back to work!

Hi! My name is Kate Connelly and I am a junior studying Economics and Geography.
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