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so you want to vote in the midterm elections

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Colgate chapter.

The voting season can quickly elicit fear and discomfort amongst young voters. With the upcoming Election Day on Tuesday, November 8, it is a contemporary problem. However, this ‘vote anxiety’ is easily remedied by having accessible information about how to vote and the critical importance of the upcoming elections.

How To Vote:

While the deadline to register and order mail-in ballots has passed, there is still the possibility of getting an absentee ballot if you are registered. Additionally, absentee ballots can be requested at one’s local Board of Elections office. Absentee ballots allow a voter out-of-state to remotely participate in their local district’s elections. These ballots can be delivered by mail according to your state’s deadline. Utilizing the ways that the government makes voting accessible ensures that democracy survives by countering the widespread and false rumors perpetuated after the 2020 Presidential elections, which suggested these methods are untrustworthy. Absentee ballots are a crucial way for college students to continue to participate in local elections while not having to travel home to a polling center on Election Day. 

If you live around or surrounding our loving town of Hamilton, you can easily look up local election locations and vote if registered. 

Importance of Your Vote:

The importance of voting in the upcoming midterm elections can not be understated. While the cliche line that voting is one’s responsibility as a citizen is not as persuasive as politicians would like, it is the reality. College students can exercise their voting rights to have a voice in democracy and the powers that run our country. College is often a very politicized environment; it can be strenuous on one’s mentality towards the government to hear and speak on subjects with no ability to create action. Showing out to vote in these midterm elections is that action. 

There are several key battleground states, with both political parties having a significant stake in each, as officials elected into office vote along party issues like abortion rights and gas prices. The ability to vote into office a person one seems fitting of their political beliefs allows them to help assess their own future and the country’s  during these polarizing times. 

Actually Voting:

In theory and modern-day media, voting is seen as a civic duty that one can be proud of; however, it is more than likely that people will not show up when it comes down to crunch time. This election cycle finishes the job. Voting allows democracy to flourish, and acts as a model of the people’s voice. Casting your vote ensures that decisions are not made by a limited number of voters and instead by a diverse and representative pool of the voting population. Further questions on voting can quickly be answered through the Vote411 website. 

Remember Colgate: It’s time to show up and show out!!

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