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Self-Care Ideas During Midterms

With midterm season right around the corner, it seems like there is always some new assignment to be done, whether it be an essay, test, or quiz! It’s as important now as ever to make time to do things that make you happy and help relieve some of the stress of academic obligations. Here is a list of some self-care activities that you can do to destress and relax during this crazy time! 

1. Journal! I know, I know, you’ve probably heard this many times before! But really, when you are having a super stressful day, or even just a not-so-good day, it really helps to take some time and write down what’s bothering you. Even if you’ve had a great day, journaling is a good way to relax and reflect. I personally journal almost every night, and not only does it help to reduce stress, but it’s also super fun to be able to go back to my old journals and read some of the things that I wrote down years ago! 

2. Get outside! Go for a run, a walk, or just sit outside! Studies show that being present in nature helps relax you, so take advantage of the beautiful greenery here in Hamilton, or wherever you happen to be, and get some outdoor time! 

3. Spend time with friends! Make sure that you are planning fun things to do with friends, whether it be meeting up for coffee in town, FaceTiming or video chatting, or playing badminton. It’s a great way to stay connected in these virtual times and to have some downtime where you can take a break from school work. 

4. Bake something! Not only is the process of baking very therapeutic, but you get to eat whatever you bake, too. And if anything chocolate is involved, that will release some endorphins and improve your mood! Next time you feel like taking a slightly longer break from your homework, whip up a batch of cupcakes or brownies to enjoy, whether by yourself or with friends! 

5. Read or watch something that’s not for school! With so many articles and books to read and videos to watch for class, it’s important to make time to read and watch things that you actually want to. If you enjoy the videos and books you are assigned for class, that’s great! But if you’d like a change of pace, make sure that you schedule in some time with good old Netflix or with that one book that you haven’t read yet but you’ve had on your “to-read” list! 

I know that right now is probably stressful for many reasons, especially considering that we are at that point in the semester when everything seems to be due all at once. But self-care is super important, so take advantage of some of these fun activities and destress, reconnect with friends, and have fun!

Amanda Ennis

Colgate '22

I am currently a junior at Colgate University with a major in Neuroscience and a minor in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies. I enjoy running, playing badminton, watching Netflix, and hanging out with friends in my free time!
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