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Reactions to the Election

When Colgate students were asked to state their reactions to the election results in one word, here is what they said. 














A US statistics site, SurveyMonkey, shared this image with the country after Tuesday’s election. If only voters ages 18-25 were counted in this year’s presidential election, this is how the electoral map would have looked. 

This is how the future of America feels about this year’s presidential election.

However, this map is deceiving in one very important way. It illustrates how voters ages 18-25 were predicted to vote. What we now know is that not enough of our generation actually showed up for this election.

We can’t predict what will happen next, but for those who are feeling disappointed and disempowered regarding the outcome of this year’s presidential election, stay strong, because we have a job to do now. WE are the future of America and WE need to be the leaders of instilling positive change in this country. WE need to have a voice, and this election couldn’t have been a clearer call to action. 

Together we can actually make America great again. 

My name is Meg Sadera and I am currently a writer for Colgate's Her Campus chapter, however I am very excited to reassume my role as campus correspondent for our chapter this coming semester! I am a senior at Colgate, majoring in Economics with a minor in Film and Media Studies. While I am from Chicago, I think of Colgate as my second home, and I am so excited to share all the events and news Colgate students are dying to hear this coming semester!
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