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Phil Steinberg ’15


You’ve seen their marketing, the Phil and Laura campaign is spreading like wild fire! Meet this week’s celeb 2014 SGA Presidential Canidate, Phil Steinberg. 

Hometown: Philly
Major: International Relations and Middle Eastern studies
3 Words To Describe Yourself: House of Cards
Fun Fact: I can make a mean babaghanoush
Dream Job: Officer in the United States Navy
Celeb Crush: Mila Kunis
Favorite Place to Eat in Hamilton: Clubhouse
Favorite Colgate Memory: getting accepted
Weird Talent: frank underwood impersonator
Favorite Quote: “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”- Theodore Roosevelt 
Elena Havas is a Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at Colgate University. She is an English Major with an emphasis in creative writing as well as a Minor in Film and Media Studies. She began blogging for Her Campus in the Spring of 2013. She has made new initiatives to expand Her Campus across Colgate's Campus. She is a native of New York City and some of her interests include life advice, pop culture, women's rights, public policy reform and referring to herself in the third person under her alias notoriously known as "lanes".
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