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As we approach the halfway point of March, schoolwork is picking up, and midterms lie ahead. With everything going on, I tend to get caught up in the stress of papers and assignments and can forget about my wellbeing. I took a moment to reflect on how to manage my personal and academic stress by the end of the month in both healthy and realistic ways, sharing my goals for getting through midterms and having a healthier April:

  1. Make your bed every day – I know it sounds crazy, but someone once told me if you feel like you can’t accomplish anything in a day, the least you can do is make your bed. It seems like a small task, but it is an easy way to start your day on a positive note!

  2. Go for a walk – Sunny, snowy, or rainy, I know that getting at least 20 minutes of fresh air a day can change my entire mood around. Go with a friend or put in your headphones and listen to a podcast or playlist! Walking outside is a great way to recharge and exercise while giving yourself a well-deserved break.  

  3. Sleep – No matter how stressful times can seem, a goodnight’s rest is essential to recharge for the day. It is always better to get a full eight hours than to pull an all-nighter working on assignments. Getting enough sleep every night helps combat stress and anxiety while giving your mind the rest it needs during busy times.  

  4. Ask for help when you need it – If you are struggling to keep up with your work or need a mental recharge, most professors understand and are lenient about giving extensions. Just ask politely in advance, and the worse that can happen is that they say no. It can never hurt to ask if you feel like you need one.

  5. Create a schedule for yourself – Planning out my week always helps me stay on track to accomplish my goals. Using a schedule always ensures certain hours of the day are devoted to personal time while also leaving time slots for homework and work-related tasks. 

Katie Gold

Colgate '22

I'm a junior studying both Film & Media and Sociology. In my spare time, I love to cook new recipes, take long walks, and read. I'm so happy to be apart of the Colgate Her Campus team!
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