Our Favorite Halloween Costumes

Let’s forget the bombardment of sexy cats and Harley Quinn costumes of 2017.  Amp up your Halloween costume this year by getting inspired by the popular movies and tv shows of the past decades. If mainstream media isn’t your thing, do not worry. I’ve also included costume ideas ranging from animals to miscellaneous everyday items. Take a look and hopefully gain some inspiration from this diverse list of Halloween costume ideas!

1. Mean Girls

With October 3 falling on a Wednesday this year, Mean Girls is totally meant to be. If you had fun dressing in pink on Wednesday, why not go all out and explore an inspired Mean Girls look for Halloween?

2. Clueless

Clueless was a 90s cult classic that contained dozens of fashion-forward looks including Cher’s iconic yellow plaid ensemble. Ugh, as if this is a costume to pass up.  

3. Holes

Who remembers watching this movie when you were younger? Holes' memorable orange jumpsuit look makes the perfect solo or group Halloween costume for those who need a last minute look or want to experience 2000s nostalgia.

4. Friends

Admit it the “Rachel” haircut was a look. Why not dress up as one of your favorite “Friends” this Halloween?

5. Tomb Raider

Lara Croft is a force to be reckoned with. Plus her look is not difficult to accomplish: just make your hair into a braid and get some black shorts and a tank top.

6. Kim Possible

So, what’s the sitch? With cargo pants finally in the fashion spotlight, dress up as the characters who were rocking them since the beginning.

7. 80's workout

If you're more into decade inspired costumes and not into any particular character dress up in the typical 80’s workout attire consisting of brightly colored bodysuits, leggings, and scrunchies.

8. Racer jumpsuit 

If you’re the kind of person who loves speed, is into checker prints, and loves jumpsuits, dress up as a race car driver.

9. Cow 

If you want to be some sort of animal but want to avoid the typical sexy cat type of costume, why not get inspired by Doja Cat and be a cow this Halloween.

10. Favorite treat 

If all else fails just dress up as your favorite type of treat, candy or chocolate this Halloween. People will be calling you a snack all night long.