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Nick Dichiara and Andrew Romeo

This week’s campus celebs have really got hold of the ambitious Colgate spirit…Get to know Dich and Romeo! Student-athletes by day and radio talk show hosts by night, these two babes do it all!







Full Name:Andrew Romeo

Hometown:Berkeley Heights, New Jersey

Major:Political Science

What do you do on campus?: Member of the football team, and cohost of “You Can’t Handle the Truth with Rome and Dich” talk radio show every Thursday night at 11pm

Dream Job:Blogger for Barstool Sports Website 

Guilty Pleasure: The national treasure movies 

Favorite Meal:Taco night at DU

Favorite Song: Springsteen, Eric Church

Best Dance Move:The Robot

Favorite thing to do in your free time:Hit the Links

What do you do when no one is watching:Eat cold leftovers from the night before

What Color are your Bed Sheets: Blue

Best Physical Feature:Buttox

Role Model:John Taffer

Celebrity Crush:Hands down… Kate Upton

Something You Want to Do before You Die:Run with the Bulls in Spain

Boxers or Briefs: Boxers

Favorite Colgate Memory: Playing against Air Force in Colorado

Favorite Inspirational Quote:“Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.” – FDR

Life Goals: I want to become President of the United States

Fun Fact about yourself: I’m a very impatient person



Full Name: Nick Dichiara 

Hometown: Saugus, Massachusetts

Class Year: 2016

Major: Economics 

What do you do on campus? I play football, I am a brother of DU, I host a radio show called You Can’t Handle The Truth with Andrew Romeo, and I volunteer for Uplifting Athletes and Adopt a Classroom 

Dream Job: NFL commentator with Andrew. Preferably for CBS 4:15 pm games. 

Guilty Pleasure: Taylor Swift 

Favorite Meal: Anything my mom makes 

Favorite Song: I’m not a huge “favorites” guy. I like a lot different music.

Best Dance Move(s): Any dance move 

Weird Talent(s): None

Favorite Thing To Do In Your Free Time: Hangout with my friends 

What do you do when no one’s watching? I read barstool sports. Especially barstool sports Boston. Viva la stool. 

What color are your bed sheets? Red 

Best Physical Feature: My hair 

Role Model: My brother 

Most Annoying Habit: Chewing on pen caps during class

Celebrity Crush: Erin Andrews 

Something you want to do before you die: Travel the world 

Boxers or briefs? Boxers 

Favorite Colgate Memory: Winning the 2012 Patriot League football championship 

Favorite Inspirational Quote: Live for the moments you’ll never remember with the friends you’ll never forget.

Life Goals: Get through college, get a good job, start a happy healthy family, and  live life without any worries.

Fun Fact About Yourself:  I was once a youtube sensation. 

Mackenzie Burr, Colgate University '16 -Economic/Political Science Double Major -"Make A Wish Colgate" President -Colgate Figure Skating Club -Member of Kappa Kappa Gamma
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