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New Year, New Resolutions

        Now that it’s the end of January, most of our hopes and aspirations to be “new and improved” in 2014 have faded. But don’t let them fade away completely- there’s still hope! 

You made your resolutions for a reason and your goals are just as important now as they were on January 1st. 

These simple tips can help you to stay on track! 


Make Small Changes

Change small habits in your behavior and routine instead of trying to make huge changes all at once. A big change doesn’t always come from an extreme challenge. 

Did you resolve to cut sugary drinks out of your diet? Try cutting out soda first and once you’re no longer craving Coke, then you can tackle juices! 


Make PYT Goals

Precise, YOUnique, and Time Specific 

Make sure your resolutions are precise so that you know whether you’re fulfilling them. Identify a specific goal and plan rather than an over-arching dream. 

Your goal should be specific to you! 

Setting a time restriction will allow you to better stay on track and achieve your goals


Reward Small Achievements

Keep track of your progress and when you reach a portion of your goal, reward yourself. Recognize that even a small accomplishment deserves celebration; treat yourself


Accept That You Are Human

Chances are, you’ll find yourself slipping on your resolutions. But it is OK! Take accountability for your slip, learn from it, and refocus to keep moving towards your goal! 




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