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The New Place in Town: Fojo Beans

​Looking for that midday boost of caffeine but don't have time to endure the agonizing, soul-crushing line at Flour & Salt? Lucky for you, there's now an alternative.  

Located on the corner of Madison and Utica Street, Fojo Beans held their grand opening just a few weeks ago and no one seems to be talking about it (until now, you're welcome). This new coffee shop is modern yet cozy, with an array of Edison bulbs dangling from the ceiling, brick walls running to meet large picture windows, and no shortage of seating. At noon on a Thursday there was no line and I discovered that, aside from typical coffee shop bites such as scones and bars, they offer an extensive menu complete with full-sized portions.

Along with my vanilla latte, I ordered the Gourmet Tomato, Walnut Pesto Grilled Cheese on grilled sourdough, served with a side of microgreens-- 10/10 would recommend.  

As for the coffee itself, Fojo Beans selectively uses fair trade, quality beans, traceable to the farm/co-op level, which are roasted in-house by owner, Dan Joseph. As the baristas informed me, both of whom were young and upbeat, if you venture into the side-room, you can actually see the whole roasting process in action.

Overall, Fojo Beans is a refreshing alternative to Hamilton staples (We still love you, Flour & Salt), offering savory meals, freshly roasted coffee, and an aesthetically pleasing environment you won't want to miss. There’s some new competition in town!

Grace Crosson

Colgate '21

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