More Sad News for Sigma


Tractors approaching the Sigma Chi house for shed removal Wednesday morning.


      Wednesday morning, at approximately 11:00am, the beloved Sigma Chi parking lot “shed” was removed by tractors driven by none other than our favorite University policy enforcement, Campus Safety. Although the shed is owned by Sigma Chi and not the University, Campus Safety claimed the small 11'x13' tool shed served as a possible “living space.” The shed has now been moved to an obscure location off campus. Thankfully, the brothers are allowed to retrieve the shed at a later time, but it will no longer be allowed on the 100 Hamilton St. property. In the wake of losing their chapter and beloved home, Wednesday's shed removal only adds to a list of tyrannical measures taken by the Colgate Greek Life Administration to destroy all remnants of what was once the brotherhood of Sigma Chi. 


Photo Credit: Gabriel Block