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Martha Snow Bogo ’17 and Puddle of Happiness

Meet this week’s student profile:  Senior, Martha Snow Bogo, an International Relations major from Michigan! 

As a senior, the gap between our final college chapter and real world obligations is getting smaller and smaller. We must balance a full schedule with searching for jobs or figuring out our post-college plans. This strange mixture of stress, excitement and vulnerability can stir up all kinds of mixed emotions for Colgate seniors in their final year. For Martha, senior year is about positive vibes and maintaining a positive outlook on the year ahead. Let’s see how she’s making the most of her senior year with this positive outlook!

What new things are you trying this year to make the most of your senior year?

I started a WRCU radio show with Kate MacLean called “Puddle Happy.”

What motivated you guys to start the show and create the name?

Kate and I discovered the term and meaning of “Puddle Happy” one Saturday afternoon, which describes the feeling of pure happiness of jumping in a puddle—just that pure bliss and satisfaction. We wanted to use the show to spread happiness and good vibes. It’s really just about recognizing the simple joys of our everyday life.

What kinds of things do you talk about on Puddle Happiness?

Our show consists of different segments. The first segment “Group Grin” focuses on our responses from our listeners to a question we ask each week. We gather their responses and share what they have to say, all relating to different bits on happiness. Another segment is called “Daily Dollops of Delight” where we share an uplifting current event, or recent information we learned that makes us happy. We encouraged our viewers to look up the Australian animal, the quoakke because they have a natural smile on their face, and we consider them the “smiley-est” animals in the world. We’re hoping to expand the show by bringing on different guests, as well as incorporating competitions on our show with prizes of Puddle Happy merchandise. 

What’s an example of a “Group Grin” happiness question?

We asked Colgate students what their favorite word is and got 75 responses back, some including: hotdog, oodles, plop, cornucopia and indubitably. So another question we asked was your favorite thing to do in the rain.

What are some things that make you happy? 

Siracha, my dog, Dunkin Donuts drive-thru, Colgate Inn trivia night, honey-crisp apples, the flip side of the pillow, pontoon boating, smart wool socks, the color yellow, skiing, friends, and puns 

So, for those in need of some puddle happiness, tune in to Martha Bogo and Kate MacLean’s “Puddle Happy” Colgate radio show every Monday night 11PM-Midnight, EST at www.wrcu.fm

Their next “Group Grin” question is “What person on Colgate’s campus makes you happiest and why?” 

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