The Mannequin Challenge

The running man challenge, the ALS ice bucket challenge, and even the cinnamon challenge have all made their way onto our facebook and instagram timelines for days only soon to fade away as we eagerly await for the next social media craze to come. What could be next? Maybe another polar plunge as the winter months have begun, or another #NoMakeUpDay to spread awareness of the social conformities women face every day.

This week’s social media craze is the Mannequin Challenge. With the click of the search button, hundreds of videos of people across the country will display what this challenge entails. While the song “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd plays in the background, a group of people simply pose like mannequin’s while the camera pans in and out of the scene. Here’s an awesome example of how it's done:

These videos have surfaced from all over the nation, and have even found its way back to Colgate where in my Intro to Creative Writing Class, taught by Professor Adjei-Brenyah, we decided to do our own. On Monday, Professor Adjei-Brenyah came into class with his supplies ready - tape, paper, and brilliant ideas that he had been thinking about since he saw the challenge. Eagerly, our class began to shout out their own visions and we soon ultimately formed our objective to this fun social media crazed challenge: the chaotic classroom. With the teacher, played by Professor Adjei-Brenyah, writing on the board and the students acting up on this monday in class, we began giving people tasks and setting the scene to portray this wild class. Check it out here, and share, send, even make your own with a class or some friends!