The Madness of March Madness

If you feel a little bit lost in the craze of march madness, we have prepared a few tips for you to feel a bit more comfortable when someone turns the games on TV or if you attend a final four themed party:

1.  Google all the rules to basketball-- Because you definitely don’t know what a double dribble is...

2.  Research all the teams in it so you can accurately assess which teams have the best colors-- Disclosure: no teams are pink.

3.  Print out enough copies of the bracket to fill each one out with every single possible combination of teams-- Start by choosing the teams that have your favorite color :)

4.  Buy a shirt of the team that you have winning and pretend like you’re a die hard fan-- When that team inevitably loses, act like the world is crashing around you!

5.  Claim that you didn’t root for the team who wins because your ex-best friend goes there--Do not admit that you hated their colors, so you picked them to lose first...

Do not self-consciously walk around campus thinking that you are the only college chick who doesn’t know a damn thing about layups and brackets, we are all around you. However, follow these tips and you will be able to arrive to any final four darty like the queen of March Madness that you can become!!